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CHOOSE a high quality industrial fiberscope that best meets your application, and your budget, from one of our many robust optical inspection systems:


0.4mm - 2.0 mm Fiberscopes

comes with probes from 61mm to 5M in length, integral ocular viewer and available light sources

- digital display can be adapted with C-mount camera adapter and camera


Zibra Probes


Optical superiority, ease of use and value distinguish the Milliscope family of microborescopes. A tradition of leadership and innovation makes Zibra the instrument of choice for industrial-grade inspections.

Rigid Shafts

The solid glass element inside a rigid MilliScope borescope transmits images without pixelating them. These high-grade instruments deliver maximum resolution through holes as narrow as 0.4 mm, and permit sharp focusing from the objective end.

Applications benefiting most from rigid borescopes are those that require the highest resolution with little flexure and straight insertion. The optical properties of the rigid MilliScope make it especially compatible with video microcameras.

Semi-rigid Shafts

The fiber optic image bundle inside a Semirigid MilliScope borescope transmits images pixel by pixel. The bundle is housed in a stiff tube, making the instrument more maneuverable than flexible scopes, yet more flexible and less prone to damage than rigid ones. And unlike rigids, a semirigid shaft can be made to any length and factory-formed to traverse unique part geometry's.

MilliScope SR’s high resolution image bundle transmits images with outstanding clarity and brightness. Insertion shafts as narrow as 0.4 mm diameter are available. Focal distance is factory-set to accommodate user need. Distal focus is optional, and allows dynamic adjustment of tip-to-target focal distance. Semirigids work well with video displays when properly coupled to a video microcamera..



Flexible Shafts

The flexible MilliFlex borescope uses a fiber optic image bundle to transmit images pixel by pixel. The bundle is wrapped in a flexible sheath, allowing it to travel through winding passages. Insertion shafts as narrow as 0.4 mm diameter are available.

The MilliFlex captures images of outstanding clarity and brightness. Bundles up to 50,000 pixels are available in virtually any length. Like MilliScope SR, MilliFlex’s focal distance is factory-set to accommodate user need. Distal focus is optional, and works best in applications without severe curves. Flexible scopes work well with video displays when properly coupled to a video microcamera.



Flexible & Rigid

MilliScope II is a detachable-tip borescope engineered for high-cycle inspections, and for procedures requiring numerous distal configurations. This modular instrument accepts dozens of available tips, allowing rapid replacement upon wear or breakage. New tips simply slide into place and fasten with a click.

Where several borescope configurations are required to inspect a single part or assembly, MilliScope II saves money and bench space. By swapping tips rather than scopes, an operator can keep the same video front-end for all inspection procedures.

The detachable-tip configuration is a natural choice for field work. Rather than carry several cases with several instruments, a field inspector can stow one MilliScope II and several tips in a single travel case.

MilliScope II accepts a ½-in. video Microcamera or eyepiece via a C-mount flange. An integral light guide swivels at the body for easy left- or right-hand operation. MilliScope II accepts a variety of light guide adapters, allowing it to interface with most light sources.




Hybrid Designs

A flexible, armored cable connects the MilliWand’s handheld probe to a direct video instrument body. The innovative design (shown below) separates bulky video and lighting equipment from dirty, crowded inspection areas, and is ideal for bench top work. Small and lightweight, the probe is highly maneuverable, improving navigation and reducing the risk of accidental tip damage. The probe tip may be semirigid or flexible. The cable connecting the probe to the instrument body is typically one meter in length.

FOVIScope (not shown) is a high-magnification (100X to 200X) needle borescope used to inspect fiber optic connectors. Versions are available with insertion shafts pointing forward and 90 degrees to the side. To improve field portability FOVIScope is generally packaged with a portable light source, battery belt, digital video recorder, LCD and/or heads-up display.



Optional Viewing Optics

Ocular Eye Piece


The integral eyepiece of an ocular scope is ideal for viewing images directly with the naked eye. To use an ocular scope with a camera, a camera-to-DIN eyepiece adapter is required.

Direct Video


Specify a direct video borescope if your application requires optimum video performance. Direct video borescopes have a flange that accepts a C-mount camera or eyepiece.



Specify a microcamera borescope if you perform video-based inspections and require a slim instrument profile. Microcamera scopes have internal threads that accept a standard 7mm, 12mm, or 17mm lipstick microcamera.











Applications & Solutions

Here are a few examples of Zibra solutions to real-life problems facing our customers.

Close Fitting Inner Diameter (ID) Inspection
Inspecting the inside wall of a bore with a scope.
Intersecting Passages
An intersecting passage can be viewed using a rigid or semi-rigid scope with the appropriate direction of view.
Large Cavities With Multiple Object Distances
Large cavity inspection requires a large amount of light, read about how we can provide a solution.
Orbital Welds In Piping
Inspecting welded sanitary piping requires a superflex scope.
Very Close Focus
Custom objective lenses can be used for close focus applications.
IR illumination can be useful to take advantage of CCD cameras high sensitivity in the Infrared spectrum.
Ultraviolet (UV) illumination applications
High Magnification
Zibra can design & build custom optics for high magnification applications.
Sheathing Types
Scope sheathing is the material that comes in contact with the product being inspected.
High Temperature
Flexible High temperature uncooled probes have been tested to 600F.
Shape Memory Probes
Semi-rigid probes can be built with a special metal alloy that will hold its shape.
Medical Applications
Custom medical instruments - read more.
Video Equipment
We can help match the right video equipment to our products.
We recommend these lightsources for borescope use.
For additional information, contact Spectrum Instruments Ltd. at 1-613-439-8767, or your local Spectrum Authorized Distributor.  Spectrum Authorized Distributors are located coast to coast in Canada, as well as in Chile, Costa Rica, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA and Vietnam.